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      1. 教育教学

        1. 1. Outline

        Programs for International Students

        Management Science and Engineering

        (M)(D) (ED)

        Global Manufacturing Program (MSE)


        (M)–Master’s Programs (EM)- Master’s Programs in English (D)- Doctoral Programs (ED)- Doctoral Programs in English

        • * According to the evaluation conducted in 2010, the department was comparable to the top 10 industrial engineering programs in the U.S.

        • * Dr. Gavriel Salvendy, Professor of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University and Member of the United States National Academy of Engineering, was named chaired professor and founding department head. More than 80% faculty members have study and research experience in top universities in the U.S. and Europe.

        • * The department has adopted a new paradigm of engineering education with an emphasis on creativity and practical training through innovative teaching, and reconfigured the curriculum in accordance with the standards of top industrial engineering programs. 

        • * The department hosts workshops annually, built up the long-term international collaboration with well-known universities and companies.

        • * International joint programs have also been initiated since 2001 including Tsinghua-Aachen joint master program and Tsinghua-Gatech exchange program. And a two-year, professional-orientated master’s program in Management Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was founded in 2009 for students with a global vision in management science and engineering, with special focus on the manufacturing industry in China.

        • * The department includes three institutes: Operations Research and Statistics, Engineering System, Human Factors and Ergonomics, and has established a series of laboratories. 

        1. 2. Curriculum & Master Thesis



        Business & Culture

        Global Manufacturing strategies

        Manufacturing in China

        Production Management

        Innovative Product Design

        International Logistics

        E-commerce and Logistics Systems

        Logistics in China

        Ergonomics and Work Organization

        Cross-culture Communication

        Chinese History & Culture

        Engineering and Technology Management

        1. 3. Competence after the program


        International Student Manual

        Education Plan 2016 (Global Manufacturing Program)

        Education Plan 2016 (Tsinghua-Aachen Double Degree Program)

        Education Plan 2017 (Global Manufacturing Program)

        Education Plan 2017 (Tsinghua-Aachen Double Degree Program)

        Education Plan 2017 (Tsinghua-PM Double Degree Program)



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